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FUSION weaner's slat

FUSION Weaner's Slat 1/0.5"x2"

The Finest Blending from 3 Continents

Material 100% virgin Mitsui Chemicals high impact strength PPC with UV. Warrantee 10 years warrantee plus 6 months UV protection for outdoor storage during installation.

(Natural white is standard shade)

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2’ x 1 1/2’
1 1/2’ x 1 1/2’ (cut)
1’ x 1 1/2’ (cut)
1/2’ x 1 1/2’ (cut)

America;s most practical 1/2’ section design: 2’ long FUSION slat can be cut to 1 1/2’, 1’ & 1/2’ sections. Very practical 1/2’ section & flexible for inventory management

Danish’s super tough double-arc structure: the arc at the surface & the arc at the ribs. Less material is required for the slat then farmers pay less for slat.

Deutsch’s ribbed surface: The perfect grip for suckling. Sow give more milk and creeps grow faster.

FUSION is blended, produced & quality controlled by our’s fulltime staff that has been being in the plastic slat production business since 1981.